My set from Shambhala Music Festival 2014, and the 2nd installation in the Infusion Mix Series,

No holds barred - All genres allowed - 100% Stranger

track list:

soooo good



“Megatron Vomit Vol. 4”


Cyberoptics just released the 4th installment of their Megatron Vomit series this morning. In suite of their filthy style, this mix is filled with grime and heavy hitters. Those in search of a new huge dubstep mix, look no further.

Download: Megatron Vomit Vol. 4 - Cyberoptics


Plasma Cutter (bb EDIT) - Cyberoptics

Axon - Static Function

Within Seconds - Emptysight

The Dark Crystal - Sluggo & Nerd Rage

Between the Eyes (Public Mash) - Static Function

The Spread - Mantis

Outlaws - Cyberoptics & Mantis 

Shiva Star System - Halo Nova

Cryosleep - Cyberoptics 

What the F#ck! - Nerd Rage

Danger - Eptic

Essence - SPL

Synthesizer - Nostalgia

Magic Puff - D-Jahsta

Culture Shock - Sub Antix

Anthem (Cyberoptics remix) - Robokop

Angst - Nero

Boss Fight VIP - Mantis

Mechanical Stuff - Liquid Stranger 

Lootin’ 92 VIP - SPL & 12th Planet

Lootin’ 92 - SPL & 12th Planet

Machines - Muffler

Space Hopper - Emalkay

Shut Up & Let it Go (Bar 9 remix) - Lady Bee

Space Kraken - Halo Nova

Time Crunch (Ft. MC Zulu) - Liquid Stranger

Timeless - Liquid Stranger

Aethra - Reso

Negotiator - Cyberoptics

Clone - Adroa

Eatin’ Alive - Total Recall

Sacrafice (D-Jahsta remix) - King Astma

Hourglass Nebula - Embryon


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