Funtcase in the mix skydro on vocals - Old skool energy mix from back in the day! Was recorded from 127 Studios late 2009! Big up

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· BAR9 - Piano Tune VIP
· BAR9 - Shaolin Style (Nero Remix)
· BAR9 - Pussyhole VIP
· Kyza - Go (BAR9 Remix)
· BAR9 - Midnight
· BAR9 - Strung Out
· BAR9 - Sorrow
· Tom Piper & Nic Corelli - Indisco (BAR9 Remix)
· BAR9 - Murder Sound Vip
· BAR9 - Before The Storm
· BAR9 - What You Gonna Do
· Example - Kickstarts (BAR9 Remix)
· BAR9 - Untitled
· Paul Harris Vs. Eurythmics - I Want You (BAR9 Remix)
· BAR9 - Demons
· Engine-EarZ Experiment Ft. Orifice Vulgatron - Rogue Status (BAR9 Remix)
· M’black - Crush (BAR9 Remix)


A soundboard recording of Cookie Monsta live in London 2010

Summer vibes bootleg! hot hot hot!

Bookings in North America.
Circle Talent Agency
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The Killabits

“Untitled: Help Us Pick a Name”


The Killabits just released a track they’ve been playing all summer titled “Untitled: Help us Pick a Name.”.

~ George Foreman

Download: Untitled: Help Us Pick a Name - The Killabits

this song goes hard. i remember hearing this in a mix i used to play all the time. i would name it thug business.

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Skream - Midnight Request Line (Digital Mystikz Remix)

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“Dubstep Killed Rock n Roll (The Killabits remix)”


I highly suggest checking out The Killabit’s newest release. A wonderfully filthy remix of Ephixia’s “Dubstep Killed Rock n Roll.”

Download: Dubstep Killed Rock n Roll (The Killabits remix)- Ephixia


aww hell yeah

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“It’s Dark in Here” the new 30min Deep, Dark, and Hard Dubstep studio mix from Johnny Vomit out now… available for free download and streaming via Soundcloud.

Featuring music from: Antiserum, The Soap Dodgers, Matta, Evol Intent, Dubtek/Chewie, Ben Verse, Riskotheque and more…

Download Here

2 options. Listen. Or death :D

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Evol Intent feat Jackie B- Under

so pretty.


Labrinth ft. Tinie Tempah - Earthquake (Noisia Remix)


aww hell yeah


AwolNation - Sail (Ill-Esha Remix)
Ill-Esha adds her dubstep flair to AwolNation’s hit ‘Sail’. If you like the original this is a must hear!

DL Here (Right Click + Save Link as)

saw this woman on saturday, such a badass, her live vocals and flow….i mean…dayuuuuuum